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Signature Holes

We have 18 Signature Holes out here at Stevinson Ranch, but here is a highlight of just a few!

The land here was beautiful before we ever came along. Add an excellent layout and then meticulously take care of it and you have the beautiful golf course that is the Savannah Course at Stevinson Ranch. There are various ways to play each hole in adherence to the risk-reward theory of design. Sand, water, hollows and native grasses securely guard each green.  And, while it's difficult to choose from our 18 gems, here are a few of the highlights you're going to love when you tee it up at Stevinson Ranch...

Hole #1 Savannah (Pictured left)
"Savannah" is a true three shot par 5, doglegging to the right around a large waste bunker. The closer one plays the tee shot to the bunker, the shorter the route will be to the green. The green itself is also guarded by a large waste bunker on the right side. The extended collar wraps around the left front and over the back of the green.

Hole #4 Eden
"Eden" is a mid length par 3. According to C.B. Macdonald, the original Eden Hole at St. Andrews was once voted the best one-shot hole in Great Britain. Our green is fronted by the lake and sits perpendicular to the line of flight. Distance in club selection will be key as there is more margin of error to miss left or right than to miss short or long. Behind the green lies an extended collar.

Hole #8 Drive It
"Drive It" is another reversion to the Scottish courses of old. Mackenzie used to term these holes "drive and pitch" holes. It's a very short par 4, which is drivable by a longer player. The wetland serves as a natural hazard at a diagonal to the line of flight off the tee and the green is nestled behind a series of bunkers that continue to guard its right side. The safer play is to the left with ample bailout left of the green. However, the green will be contoured to best receive the shot played from near the wetland on the right.

Hole #16 Hawk Perch
"Hawk Perch" is the longest par 3 stretching back over water right of the green. A series of bunkers also guard the right side. The extended collar wraps around the short left and behind the green.

Hole #17 Stevinson Burn (Pictured Right)
"Stevinson Burn" is a mild length par 4 stretching across a stream lying diagonal to the line of flight on the left. Players driving near the water will be left with the shortest and best angle to approach the green. The green is shaped to best receive a shot from the left side of the fairway. The right side of the fairway is guarded by two bunkers. The green sits down on a lake, the front portion of the green being very near the lake and the back portion wrapping around a bunker, taking it a bit further away from the lake. The bailout is the right.

Hole #18 Home Cape
"Home Cape" is a mid length par 5. This is a "Cape" hole. The tee shot plays diagonally across a long lake. The shot played closest to the lake receives the shortest route to the green. A thin wetland diagonally bisects the fairway and runs all the way past the green on the right. Players must choose either to lay-up short of the water to approach the green's narrow angle, or carry the hazard and be left with the most open pitch to the green. The green is nestled back into the trees with a large bailout area to the left.

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